Social Innovation Weekend


Social Innovation Weekend

Entrepreneurship is not the solution to the world’s problems…

But, it can be part of the solution.

Social Innovation Weekend is an opportunity for Miami students from all across campus to gather together and work on big social and environmental challenges that affect our world and the Cincinnati region.  Here are a few of the topics we’ve taken on…

  • 2018 – Infant Mortality
  • 2019 – Addiction & Recovery
  • 2020 – Food Insecurity
  • 2021 – Homelessness & Affordable Housing
  • 2022 – Mental Health & Resilience

By doing this kind of work, we can make a difference, but just as important, we can learn from and with each other so we can make a real difference in the long run.

We run Social Innovation Weekend on Miami’s Oxford, OH campus every Spring – you can even get course credit for doing it.  Check out what some of the past participants have to say about their experience (below) and go to for more information (or just ask me about it).