Prof Conger's Research

My research is focused primarily in three major areas:

Social Entrepreneurship

This research is focused on individuals, organizations, and collectives seeking to address societal problems (e.g. poverty alleviation, education, economic and political inequality), ecological impact (e.g. green building, renewable energy, recycled materials), or cultural issues (e.g. religion, values, communities) through entrepreneurial action.

Entrepreneurial Communities and Ecosystems

This research is focused on how entrepreneurial organizations affect and are affected by the communities and ecosystems (e.g. craft industries, religious organizations, rural communities) in which they are embedded..

Identity and Entrepreneurship

The primary theoretical framework for my research is identity. This research focuses on the identity profiles of individual entrepreneurs and organizations, collective identities, understanding multiple identities, identity work, and cross-level effects.

If you’re interested in any of these research topics and would like to talk (or talk about your own research interests, whatever the topic), come see me anytime.

You can find my current CV and a portfolio of all my publications at